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「我們有福了」是一種正面的生活態度。希望大家都能以快樂和知足的態度享受生活,並深信自己是一個永遠有福氣的人。 我們希望能夠藉著「有福」這個人物和獨特的插畫作品,帶來更多開心元素﹔同時把香港獨有的特色在作品中逐一呈現。

"We are blessed” is kinds of living attitudes. We hope that everyone should not only enjoy his/her life by making it contented and full of happiness, but also believes that he/she is the one who always owns the bestbest blessing. We use “Yau Fook” as the main character to deliver the positive living message vividly. Apart from this, we try to bring out some special Hong Kong features through our creative drawing.

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