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Metro Manila, Philippines

32 years old

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Co-founder and creative director of IndioDesigns, Inc., Danilo Valino, Jr., has worked his way up through several design, publishing and event companies and with his experience in freelance work, he delivers a unique approach to the design process and a deep understanding of client needs. With his collective experience and wide range of expertise, he brings strategic creative solutions that are fresh, forceful and cost-effective.

He provides services at every step of the way: from marketing plans and conceptualization; to design, photography, and layout execution; to website architecture and deployment; to pre-production and post-production, all the while maintaining an excellent working relationship and only the highest aesthetic standards.

Through the years of working at the highest level and maintaining a group of personal clients, he gained a valuable management skills ranging from presentation through production; to building an effective multidisciplinary team for web development; to organizing a creative collaboration for pictorials; to leading a reliable documentary team for coverage of events.

Furthermore, in addition to creative direction, print and web design, he developed an excellent talent in the field of photography. He is one of the most sought-after creative talents in Manila for fashion and advertising despite his young age.

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