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I have several years of training and experience in film and TV production; proving myself to be a ruthlessly organized, yet naturally imaginative and creative element to vastly diverse productions. Through directing award-winning dramas, producing involving, topical documentaries and running for fast paced studio and drama productions. I have consistently demonstrated a dedicated work ethic, well-considered industry knowledge and a flourishing flare of creativity.

I have had the fortune of working under some incredibly talented industry professionals including award winning DoP's David Crawley and Adam Etherington and award winning Director Henry Scriven.

My degree in TV production, coupled with my training in media law and ethics and skillset approved course in pitching and concept development hold me in good stead to intelligently tackle the challenges that this industry poses to its practitioners every working day.

Showreel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7sIcRnD1IYg

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