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Bandar Lampung, Indonesia

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<p>Most of my friends called me Handi. I&#39;m a simple person with a simple life and mind. As of recent events in my life I have some new things to is a short journey. I try everyday to smile and be grateful for what I have and who I am. I like traveling and photoblogging :D. <br /><br />General Characteristics :<br />Enthusiastic; Trusting; Optimistic; Persuasive; Talkative; Impulsive; Emotional - Good listener; Team player; Possessive; Steady; Predictable; Understanding; Friendly<br /><br />Possible Weaknesses :<br />Resists change; Sensitive to criticism; Difficulty establishing priorities, More concerned with popularity than tangible results; Inattentive to detail.<br /><br />Value To Team :<br />Creative problem solver; Great encourager; Motivates others to achieve; Positive sense of humor; Negotiates conflicts; Peace maker - Reliable and dependable; Loyal team worker; Compliant towards authority; Good listener; Patient and empathetic; Good and reconciling conflicts<br /><br />Open my personal site:<br /><a href=""></a></p><p>Blog:<br /><br /></p><p>Twitter: @suhandies<br />FB: </p>

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