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Michel W. was born as Michel Soeramin Wongsomenawi in Rotterdam, the Netherlands in 1982. The place where he was born was new to his parents.
So they explored the country together with him and his eight year older sister. During these trips Michel remembers listening to soulful music, the feeling of happiness, enjoying the new environment and sharing the experience with loved ones.

Growing up in a city different to the birthplace of his parents had a positive effect on Michel as a person. He opened his mind and tried to learn from as many things as possible. Among other things he developed a passion for travelling, music and photography.

Michel began working in the nightlife. During that journey he made a lot of friends and started taking pictures with a non dslr camera for fun. Never really being content with the image quality and expressing that to a friend. He got introduced to the whole post process. At this point Michel ,eagerly to learn, started picking up photography books on all subject. Such as lighting, photoshop etc.

A new era began when Michel sold enough mixed drinks to finance his first real dslr. He began working on concepts with a upcoming designer. And freelanced for a music internet company until he found that conceptual work was more his thing.

After deciding to start a business with three of his friends, photography went from being a part of his life to being his life. Now the four friends(including Michel) run their own business but also work together whenever and however they can.

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