Graphic Design - Illustration - Label & Package Design - Photography

Amsterdam, Netherlands

42 years old

School of Art and Design Murcia(Spain)

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Art director, graphic designer, illustrator, sculptor, painter, collage maker, motion graphic designer, visualizer, logo designer, web designer, digital designer, visual designer, packaging designer, creative thinker, problem solver, cartoonist, typographer, team player, ironic, funny, music and film lover, with artistic sensibility and aesthetic, passionate on art, beer drinker ( whisky in special occasions ), critic, perfectionist, stubborn if necessary, cook, friend, father, and a good colleague to work with.

I've been involved in project for brands like: BMW, Mini, PostNL, Goodby Silverstein & Partners, Adobe, Havas Worldwide, Citroën, JWT Amsterdam, Philips, Kit Kat, Etos, UPC, Karvan Cevitam, Post NL, Opel, Shell, ING, Jamin, Black & Bianco, Peugeot, Nutricia, Tic Tac...

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