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Quinta do Anjo, Portugal

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am half european, half african, a proud father of 5 wonderful kids, a nature lover, a creative, copywriter and designer, a thinker and artist wanna be who has always had an enormous will to create and to do different, unordinary things, or as i like to put it, a professional human being.

I have been a creative director for more than twenty years doing a bit of everything that goes between strategy, creative copywriting and designing.

I love it every time that my clients are people that believe in ideas, that understands ideas and that loves humanism, social innovation, beauty and culture as much as i do.

Because of that, since 2008, i’ve been also doing some teaching, coaching and training people to use their skills to differentiate the brands they work for, by being more human and sustainable.

And yes, i believe that good creativity and good design thinking can change the world.

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