Graphic Design

London, U.K.

37 years old

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NC, and HNC Graphics qualified.

An extremely creative individual with a lot of potential within the Graphic Design field.

I have worked as a freelance Graphic Designer for the past six years, and am currently working in house with a marketing and entertainment company.

A hard working and loyal employee, with a strong artistic background.

A-Level certified in English Language, Art and Media Studies.

A passion in this field has been evident for many years (refer to work experience in education


Highly trained in Photoshop editing, image manipulation, creative design, Quark express, In Design, Illustrator, PowerPoint, Keynote, Pages, Paste-up and freehand drawing.
An ability to combine my literary, artistic, and design based skills. Proficient on both Mac and PC format.
Able to formulate a concept and render illustrations in detail from sketches,
memory imagination

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