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<p>Let me tell you a little bit about my situation, hopefully without boring you or taking up too much of your valuable time...</p><p> I won&#39;t say I&#39;ve done it all but I have had a pretty varied design career so far, from creating flash animated music video for the England football team&#39;s world cup song, artworking multi-page pharmaceutical &amp; agricultural documents to creating mountain signage and successful ad campaigns for the prestigious WhistlerBlackcomb ski resort in Canada so I also have international experience under my belt. </p><p>&nbsp;I am well versed in all the usual CS3 suspects and also extensive Quark Xpress experience, plus I am both Mac and PC literate and am happy working with either platform. I thank for your valuable time and hope you can help. </p><p>Thanks for stopping by and stay classy! </p><p>&nbsp;Gaz</p>

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