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Dublin, Ireland

36 years old


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For the past year, I've worked as a graphic designer in the marketing department of Bank of Ireland. In this role I am responsible for creating and re-working artwork, for print primarily, but also for web and PowerPoint presentations. This includes layout, proof-reading and amending existing artwork and also creating new designs from concepts.

During my time with Bank of Ireland I worked closely with the brand team implementing their brand changes, creating new brand guidelines for external design agencies as well as adhering to strict brand guidelines in my own work, whether with Bank of Ireland's own brand or within guidelines for visa, PSAW and the sponsorship team e.g. Leinster Rugby.

For the previous 3 years I was the only graphic designer in a web design company in London, where I was the main liaison to the print companies and also created print graphics and artwork from screen based work i.e. web-sites and PowerPoint presentations.
As my referees will confirm, I can manage multiple projects in a team as well as autonomously and have excellent time management and organisational skills. I also have a keen eye for design and problem solving skills.

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