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I was born in the year 1980 in Lucknow, My father Mr. S.V. Singh is a farmer,
my mother Mrs. Sonia is a house wife.
I enrolled at the College of Arts & Crafts in Lucknow 1997. During my 7 years there, I was greatly influenced by Ansel Easton Adams. Upon completion of BFA (5 years) 2002 & MFA (2 years) in 2004, I was appointed as a lecturer in Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Lucknow. After two years I leaved the lecturer ship & Joined Planman Technologies New Delhi as a Head of The Deportment of Photography.
I won 13 international awards 10 all India awards, more than 300 images are accepted & exhibited in national & international exhibitions. I got scholarship from Academy of Fine Arts, Lucknow 2003
Except photography I love reading books.

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