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am currently a freelance photographer specializing in portraiture, sports, events and studio photography. I am a strong believer in real world experience with respect to the formal qualifications. I have learned more in the past years of being a freelance photographer and love it than being a student of Bachelor in Science of Legal Management. I start photography by having a disposable film camera and taking pictures of flowers and people. Soon, I was appreciated and asked by my family and relatives to hold photo covering in some of their events using a digital camera. Later on I acquire my Dslr and been with it through many events, clubs, and leagues of photographers that I have known. I have taken my first photography course through Mr. JimParedes.

My main influences are mostly my co photographers and sir Jim Paredes. Their ability to capture real moments and their picture composition handling makes me inspired that I can do it as better as them or more. Their support and words of encouragement keeps the fire in my heart as a photographer from burning.
I can offer the company the ways I can handle my subjects and how I process my photos from preparation through editing and production. Most of the times my subject handling was in its best and I always make them comfortable that makes the picture as good as what it portrays. When it comes to editing pictures, I make it sure to use it in minimum to make it portray reality. There are many editing software that we can use in producing the hard copies of our pics and I am willing to extend my knowledge for it.

here are the following links for my sample shots:

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