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Creative direction and complete production of various video forms, creative solutions and organization of events for the following organizations:

- Local Democracy Agency, with support from the Council of Europe and Parliament of Italian Region Puglia (campaign for persons with special needs), set of tv commercials
- Ecological Movement Greens of Montenegro, set of tv commercials
- Centre for Democratic Transition (CDT) (campaign "Women’s Government" aimed at promoting women participation in political life of Montenegro), tv commercial
- NGO Juventas, several campaigns, with support of UNDP and European Commission, tv commercials, short tv stories, events…
- Campaign "Love is an attitude", aimed at promoting rights of LGBT population in Montenegro, for NGO Juventas, realised with support of UNDP Montenegro and British Embassy Podgorica, October 2011. tv commercial
- Promotion films and television ads for: Montenegrin Employment Agency, Podgorica Waterworks, Police Academy of Montenegro etc..
- Complete creative direction and production of event event “European Researcher’s Night” in Podgorica, 2009,2010,2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 organized by the NGO Prona, Montenegro’s Ministry for Education and Science and the Museum of Nature, under the auspices of the European Commission.
- Directing the event “9. May, Day of Europe” Podgorica, 2011. organized by the NGO Juventas with support of Delegation of European Commision in Montenegro
- During 2011. 40 shooting days in Finland, for production company: "Cine Works Koskinen & Rossi Oy" as the author of Making-off for feature film "HILJAISUUS" directed by Sakari Kirjavainen
- Creative solution – logo, political movement “Pravedna Crna Gora”
- Creative solution – winner of international competition for a name of Festival of British movies. Competition held by British Council in January 2017.
- Short movie “Montenegro - european way” realised for Magna - authorized agency for public relations of the EU Delegation, October 2011,
- Creative direction of the set - art instalation, for official reception on the occasion 9. May. Day of Europe, hosted by President of Montenegro and Chief of EU Delegation in Montenegro, May 2012.
- 20 hours set of videos realised for programme: Technical Assistance to Capacity Building and Support to Local Self- Government for Implementation of Municipal Development Grants during 2013.
- Natural History Museum of Montenegro, 2014. Creative direction of opening ceremony for first permanent exhibition “Nature connect us” under ADRIATIC IPA PROJECT
-80 half – hour episodes of “MONTENEGRO ALL IN ONE” television show for Tourist Programme department of TVCG
- Documentary movie “Dynasty Balsic - cultural heritage” for Montenegrin Cinematheque

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