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Coimbra, Portugal

43 years old

Vargas Hospitaliy Group

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It's been a pleasant journey and somehow a great adventure since I start working in graphic design. I study in my country, but never work there. The world was to big, full of different cultures, different ways to see Graphic Design! Different, characters, numbers, types, etc.
I'm from Portugal and so I jump to Madrid for a few years, then Shanghai ,Seoul and Riyadh in Saudi Arabia for two years. I love design, love working in what gives me pleasure and at the same time makes me see the world with other eyes. As a designer always try my best do adapt me to the culture that I'm surrounded.
In my work I tend to combine the use of contrasts and strong colours with a fine typography
sense. Whilst working, I'm focused, impressively calm under pressure, and a team player with extreme perseverance.

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