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Melbourne, Australia

35 years old

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I’m a graphic designer from Melbourne Australia first started drawing from when i was 6 and still haven’t took the pen out of my hand and now transferred my skills to a digital platform were i have Been doing it for the past 4 years and I’m still picking up new skills along the way learning many different styles and trying to create my own and my first for knowledge is one that never goes away No matter how much i take in that is why i love doing collaborations with other talented people To learn there take on design and learn off that foundation to create a major outcome and to me remembered for what i have done . so i come in this designers battle field armed with my sketch book in one hand and my camera I’m the other fighting to survive this colorful war. My inspirations come in the works of fatoe and tksh and all the major designers of the KDU There all talented people i have a lot of respect for all of them

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