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Belgrade, Serbia

34 years old

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With almost a decade of experience in developing brand communication and creative strategy, Ivan is still one of the youngest creative directors in the industry.
A bachelor of philology and English literature, having studied at universities in London, Brussels and Belgrade, he is driven by two passions - addiction to the written word and an incurable curiosity about the unwritten world around him.

As a conceptualist with unrelenting passion for creativity, he firmly believes in bold and cheeky ideas powered by most profound human emotions.

His moto is: ”If you are not having fun, you are doing something wrong”.

Over the years Ivan has worked on many succesful brand stories for a large number of global and local clients, some of which are: Nescafе, Societe Generale, Renault, Garnier, Dacia, Pardon, Komercijalna Banka, AIK Banka, AXA Osiguranje, Fond b92, Gazprom, Nectar, NIS, etc.

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