“FUTURE ME” - The most sharable video in SK-II's #CHANGEDESTINY CAMPAIGN

A highly insightful and shared video for SK-II

This video was the most shareable video of SK-II‘s #ChangeDestiny brand campaign on social media in 4 Asian markets. It also became a reference when it comes to user-generated content in the entire category because it resonated with a key insight of Asian consumers: insecurity about the future.

This was their video pitch to the brand

The “Future Me” video was created by Oblikovsky, a young Ukrainian filmmaker and his team, part of the eÿeka community. Here you can watch the pitch that they submitted to SK-II.

Where does the video come from?

"Future Me" was one of the 21 videos submitted to a contest through which SK-II crowdsourced high-quality, on-brand video content that creates emotional synergy with younger consumers. On eÿeka, we first asked selected creators to provide a synopsis of their films, and approved synopses were eligible for production grants. Once the synopses were approved, creators could enter the production stage.

Procter & Gamble was impressed by the output

We have been impressed with the level of professionalism in the work and the diversity of great ideas that the community has come back to us with.

Markus Strobel

SK-II Global Vice President, Procter & Gamble

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