Welcome to the World’s biggest creative playground! eYeka is a crowdsourcing platform that connects creative individuals with brands to boost their return on marketing investment.

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eYeka turns your problem into a creative competition calling for rich, visual solutions. Once the creative community is actively engaged, tap into its inexhaustible creative power for smaller, follow-up questions. By analyzing creators’ suggestions our team of experienced co-creation planners will help you to stimulate great response and give you fresh thinking and ideas together with an actionable solution.

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  • Create the concept for a successful product or rejuvenate a declining category with new product ideas, like Nescafé or Oral B.
  • Personalize a product, refresh their brand identity or an iconic packaging design, like Citroën or Volvic.
  • Refocus global positioning or find an engaging story to communicate to a specific target audience, like Mini Oreo, Hyundai or Unilever.
  • Boost their media ROI, achieve high volume of mentions, outperform industry average on CTR and VTR as well as lower their cost to conversion, like Coca-Cola, Carrefour or KLM.

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eYeka can offer you an innovative way to get to the right idea. Whether you are an agency, a planner or a creative, eYeka allows you to explore new, fresh and authentic routes as thought of by consumers with very original perspectives on your creative challenges.

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To help you get up to date on crowdsourcing best practices, we offer you high quality content, from webinars to white papers. We also listed the analyst reports on the co-creation market. How can brands and agencies succeed in creating engaging video content that delivers marketing value? How can your brand cut through over 4 billion hours of video watched every month on YouTube? How to unlock the collective creative power latent in consumers to accelerate marketing and innovation?

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eYeka Redesigns its Crowdsourcing Platform and Extends Reach to 8 Languages

June 17, 2015

eYeka has redesigned its platform with an improved user experience and accessibility. Now translated in more languages, the site will allow the crowdsourcing agency to better serve its dual audience of creators and brand marketers of global companies like Unilever, Nestlé, P&G and PepsiCo.

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