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Express your creativity, practice your skills and become a star

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You are not alone! We are here for you

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Я невероятно рад тому, что моя идея стала источником вдохновения для компании Hyundai, а также тому, что мне посчастливилось увидеть ее воплощение на страницах журналов! Это потрясающе!


Italy Member since 2013 1-й Приз в конкурсе от компании Hyundai (дизайн).
 1-й Приз в конкурсе от компании Hyundai (дизайн).

oceanomare submission in a recent contest.

Я бы хотел сказать огромное спасибо за этот шанс выразить себя и за возможность работать с глобальными брендами. Спасибо!


Ukraine Member since 2013 2# Приз (Видео) в конкурсе SK-II.

Oblikovsky submission in a recent contest.

I’m very pleased to have won this contest. My friend and I will be back with more good ideas for eYeka ! It’s every time with great pleasure that we discover the briefing. Keep it up and we’ll do the same. Thank you.


Belgium Member since 2012 1# Prize (Illustration) in Pop Tops’ contest.
1# Prize (Illustration) in Pop Tops’ contest.

charly-dh submission in a recent contest.

I would like to thank eYeka for the amazing opportunities they provide to all of us. I put so much love, hard work and energy into my designs and it was recognized. Thank you !!


United States Member since 2012 1# Prize (Label & Package Design) in Doncafé ‘s contest.
1# Prize (Label & Package Design) in Doncafé ‘s contest.

AnnaNThang submission in a recent contest.

They have successfully worked with eÿeka

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Im a 40 year old graphic designer from the UK. I Qualified from university 20 years ago with B.A (Hons) in Graphic design and communication. (Wow! Has it been that long!) Im currently an ‘In-House’ graphic design manager, working for several different fashion brands. My day to day involves Art Directing photoshoots, creating fashion magazines and press adverts, as well as lots of direct marketing and promotional materials.

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“eÿeka prizes allow me to pay off wedding bills!” said James Pickles, our Creator of the Month of Aug 2017

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