KITKAT My break Contest Ended

Celebrate the "breakers" with KITKAT!

Start August 12, 2016 End October 02, 2016 23:59 UTC Deliberation Results November 2016
August 12, 2016
October 02, 2016 23:59 UTC
November 2016


Since 1935, KITKAT, a brand with its perfect balance of delicious chocolate and crispy wafer, has been the champion of breaks with its famous tagline "Have a break...Have a KITKAT". KITKAT believes that the power of a good break should never be underestimated. It seeks to make these breaks better with KITKAT. You can watch this video from KITKAT in Brazil which celebrates all different types of breaks:

In 2016, people enjoy their breaks in many different ways. A break doesn’t always mean stopping to rest during an activity or in between activities. Millennials enjoy their breaks many times during the day, whether its listening to music or scrolling through their news feed. Millennials have redefined what breaks are, and KITKAT wants to capture this diversity.  So for KITKAT, a break is simply all things Millennials do just to enjoy themselves. It can be as big as a passion or hobby, or as small as a selfie, as passively watching a movie with friends, and as active as dancing to the music, as short as a funny tweet and as long as a holiday, as individual as reading and as gregarious as a music festival.

KITKAT invites you to take part in the campaign and celebrate the different "breakers" with a humorous video, no matter who they are, or how they break. We look forward to feeling the fun you had filming your video.

Creative Challenge

In a playful, surprising and high-quality video, show us how KITKAT helps "Breakers" celebrate their break, as only KITKAT can.

"Breakers" around the world have told us that there are 3 key types of breaks they seize on whenever they can:

  • Breaks around music: there are lots of different types of music; often music shapes who you are. You can listen, jam, dance, play, etc.
  • Breaks around gaming: multiplayer, gaming tournaments, sharing gaming tips, video gaming, but not only those.
  • Breaks around social sharing: sharing photos, jokes, funny videos, selfies, etc.

We want to see your awesome break moments which become epic with KITKAT. It should be youthful, dynamic, playful and bring a smile to the viewer. As long as you enjoy yourselves with a KITKAT 4 finger bar, it’s a great break!

KITKAT should play an integral and active role in your video. KITKAT breaks are better and more playful than regular breaks. The winning videos will be used online around the world, except in the US.

Please use the KITKAT 4 finger bar in your video (without any special local promotional design on pack). There is a 4 step ritual to enjoying a KITKAT 4 finger bars. KITKAT knows that you won’t recreate the ritual perfectly like in their TVCs; that’s ok, as long as you have good fun with it. What they are looking for the most are great "Breaker" stories to share with other Millennials on line.

The winning videos will be used on line around the world, so be as creative and playful as you can!



The examples are only provided to illustrate our expectations. Please do not use them in your submission or it will be rejected.

A good entry can be a group of friends hanging out. Everyone is on their phone. One guy wants to take a selfie with everyone but he can’t get them to put down their phones and gather round. He tries to tickle them, breath in their ears, takes off his sock and put it in front of their nose… but nothing works. Then he takes out a KITKAT and suddenly everyone gathers around and smiles into the camera. They take a very cool selfie and once they are done, they start to fight for KITKAT 4 finger bars as there are five of them but only four bars of KITKAT!

A bad entry would be a video showing a group of friends playing video games and enjoying KITKAT together. While it’s a break moment, KITKAT doesn’t play an essential role in it.

Remember: Whoever you are, however you break. Have a break. Have a KITKAT.


Jury's Prize

  • #1 Prize €12,000
  • #2 Prize €5,000
  • #3 Prize €3,000


Video (up to 60 seconds – if you can do it in 45 seconds’, that’s even better)

Winning Criteria

The winning videos will be high-quality video stories about the most awesome and original breaks which celebrate the "breakers" of today in a distinctly KITKAT way. They need to be young at heart, surprising and playful - making the viewer laugh or smile, so they share it with friends. 


Guidelines for this contest

  • Please avoid dialogue, as this video will be used by many different countries around the world. You can use voiceover in English or in other languages but with English subtitles. 
  • Your video has to be based on one of the three routes: music, gaming or social sharing.
  • Your video should not look like advertising, it has to tell people's personal break stories.
  • Your video should be based on one of the three given routes: music, gaming or social sharing.
  • We do not acept animation in this contest.
  • Make sure you show the KITKAT 4 Finger ritual and make it an active participant of the break. 1) Open. 2) Snap. 3) Break. 4) Enjoy.
  • The KITKAT red is Pantone 485C. KITKAT loves its red, so please feel free to play with it in your video.
  • Please use the end frame supplied in the toolkit.
  • Please don’t show or imply over consumption of KITKAT. (no more than 1 bar per video).
  • Don’t show or target children under 12.
  • No swearing, nudity and offensive material will be accepted.
  • No politics or religion either.
  • This campaign will not be aired in the US where Hershey markets KITKAT; not Nestlé. US video makers are invited to take part in this contest, but the video cannot feature the US pack. All other packs are OK, including those from Canada. The product is the same globally. Please use a normal pack without any promotion design.
  • Campaign hashtag is: # mybreak
  • If any font is being used, please use Franklin Gothic Book Heavy Italics
  • Do not include in your entry any elements, either in whole or in part, covered by intellectual property rights (such as copyrighted works or trademarked elements) including without limitation: logos, slogans, fictional characters (features or name), video footages, soundbites, titles of copyrighted works or music.
  • Authorizations and licenses to use protected elements (incl. music, photos..) must include at least: (i) the right to incorporate the protected elements in new works that are derived or based upon these elements, (ii) the right to use for commercial purposes and (iii) the right to use on the Internet. You must be able to provide a written proof of these authorizations and licenses at any time.

eYeka standard guidelines

  • Do not show any personal details in the entry (name, contact number, e-mail address, etc.).
  • Keep the source files / working files of your entry until the winners have been announced as they may be needed.
  • Your participation must comply with the rules you accepted when you joined the contest.
  • Your entry has to be your own work to be considered into the contest. If you have included protected elements (music, photographs, designs, fonts, etc.), make sure to fill in the Legal Information section when you upload. You may be asked to provide the authorizations and licenses to use such elements.
  • You must be able to provide the written authorizations from each of the authors and actors who have contributed to the entry.
  • Do not depict sexual, violent, religious, political content or any illicit content as per the rules.
  • Any entry that fails to comply with these rules will not be considered for the contest.