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Can you surprise us with a new way to look at milk and make it exciting again?

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June 20, 2016
July 10, 2016 23:59 UTC
August 2016

Important note

07 Jul 09:52

We're looking for some ideas to attract a mum in her thirties. The emotional benefits are important to her too, so be creative! Moreover, families laughing together are so clichéd! How can you tell this story in a totally new way that will capture mums’ hearts and minds?



What did you have for breakfast today? For some people, the first meal of the day is a quick piece of bread or pastry, or perhaps cereal and fruit, or scrambled eggs. Did you have a glass of milk with that too? If you did, you probably didn’t think to list that as a breakfast item, or did you?

Many people drink milk – in the morning with breakfast or in the afternoon with a snack – but don’t give much thought to it. They know it’s part of a wholesome diet but they don’t think milk is very exciting: milk is “just milk.”

Anchor is a global dairy brand producing products such as milk, cheese, butter and yoghurt.  Anchor believes that when you give someone all the goodness they need to grow and thrive, they can reach greatness, in big and small things in their lives. Today, Anchor wants to use their passion and knowledge of milk, to find a surprising new way to get people excited about milk again.

Creative Challenge

Show us a new way to look at milk. We’re looking for a creative and exciting new way to talk about milk that breaks the clichés of milk advertising and convinces people that Anchor milk is exciting and relevant to them.

We think we know all about milk – the nutrition, the wholesomeness, and the benefits – but there is so much that we don’t. Here are some interesting facts about Anchor milk that you might not yet know:

  • Unique provenance: Anchor home is New Zealand where we have been dairy farming for over a century. The mild climate allows our cows to graze naturally on open fields year round, with plenty of access to lush pastures and clean drinking water. 
  • Sensorial experience: Did you know that Anchor grass fed cows give milk that tastes different, and you can even see the difference? The yellow tinge in Anchor milk is from all the extra Beta Carotene! 
  • Hidden nutrition: Most of us know that milk is good for us but besides Calcium for strong bones and healthy teeth, there’s so much more! It builds muscle, helps protect skin from damage, replenishes electrolytes depleted during exercise, helps prevent cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure, increases brainpower and maintains cognitive skills. It is even an excellent source of Calcium and Vitamin D that help the body burn fat. What else can you say about the hidden nutritional benefits of milk? 
  • Care: Anchor milk puts extra care and effort in to everything we do to give you the best quality and nutrition for your family. Anchor's farmers start the day at 4:31 each morning, taking care of Anchor's cows and allowing them to enjoy the benefits of eating fresh green grass. New Zealand milk is produced from cows that have never been treated with rBST (a growth hormone) and all Anchor's milk is tested for antibiotics.

In a poster with a tagline, show us how would you break the clichés of milk advertising and get people to rethink milk as interesting, exciting and relevant to their lifestyles today? Usually when we think of milk, we think of it as a drink for children or the elderly that gives strong bones and teeth. How else would you convince people to choose Anchor milk without going down this traditional route?

We are looking at exciting new ideas that will appeal to a mum in her thirties. She is a caregiver for her family but lives her own life as well. Being a mum, she wants her children – and her husband – to achieve their highest potential. We need to show her the benefits (both physical and emotional) milk will bring to her and her family in an entirely new way, that will surprise and engage her.

Think about the great things people do, the human potential that is in each and every one of us. What role does milk play in helping people reach that potential?

Please answer the following questions in your entry:

  1. Why is your idea new and relevant to our progressive mum in her thirties?
  2. How does it get people excited about milk again?
  3. In your idea, what role does milk play in helping people reach their potential?

Please keep in mind what Anchor is all about: natural wholesome nourishment, authenticity, quality, integrity and trust. It is a brand that portrays positivity, passion, pioneering and trust.


The examples are only provided to illustrate our expectations. Please do not use them in your submission or it will be rejected.

Go beyond the limits of what everyone knows about milk – that it gives you strong bones and healthy teeth – and find a creative and surprising way to get people excited about milk again.

Example of a bad entry: A visual of a child in the kitchen with his mum, with a height chart in the background marking his height as he’s growing up, with some crayons on the table. He’s holding a cup of milk and smiling up to his mum. While this shows growth, a height chart depicting growth is very much a cliché of milk advertising. We need you to break these clichés and show us something that’s really different that will make people remember and choose Anchor milk.


Jury's Prize

  • #1 Prize €3,000
  • #2 Prize €1,500
  • #3 Prize €500


PDF 2 pages:

  • 1st page: poster with a tagline
  • 2nd page: answers to the three

Winning Criteria

We are looking for never-been-seen-before ideas that will get people excited, once again, about milk with a new message from Anchor. Stretch the limits of your creativity and show us something that’s different from what milk currently does so that people sit up and take note.


Guidelines for this contest

  • Please submit entries in English
  • Please answer the three mandatory questions in your entry.
  • Remember to include a tagline in your entry.
  • Selected entries will be used on the Internet. Authorizations and licenses to use protected elements (incl. music, photos..) must be compatible with Internet broadcasting. You must be able to provide a written proof of these authorizations and licenses at any time.

eYeka standard guidelines

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