New food and beverage trends Contest Ended

Be our scout for future food and beverage trends!

Contest ended on June 05, 2016
Illustration - Creative Writing

Imagine Emily, a 27-year-old trendy, healthy woman from your country. She was the first of your friends to eat gluten-free five years ago, sprout her food, eat goji berries and quinoa, and she insists it all tastes fabulous. She’s the nutritional foodie in the group.

 Think about the Emily you know. What does she eat/drink? Why? What are the strange (strange to you) foods and drinks she consumes now that we may all eat/drink in three to five years' time?  A global Food and Beverage company would like to know what new foods and beverages health-conscious Millennials are eating and drinking, and how their habits are changing around the world, to spot the earliest signs of food & beverages trends.

In a presentation with visuals and text, show us your Emily’s new favorite foods or beverages and tell us why it matters to her.

Format: PDF with visual and text (4 pages max)