Nestlé NAN Optipro - Father's Day Contest Ended

Celebrate Father’s day by congratulating dads for shaping their babies’ future.

Contest ended on March 27, 2016

Parenthood is an adventure where each parent has to find their style of parenting. By the time one’s first baby is 6 months old, mums and dads start to feel more confident as parents, and discover themselves as parents, not just as spouses. By this time, hopefully baby sleeps through the night, smiles, plays and interacts with the parents.

Every day parents do a lot of things for their baby: to encourage him to learn, to discover, to grow, to try new things both in the familiar context of home, and outside in new, yet safe environments. More than anything, a baby needs to feel his parent’s love, and each parent expresses this in different ways: by cuddling, reading, singing, dancing, making funny faces, playing.

Moms have had the baby growing inside them for 9 months, so when the baby’s born, her natural instinct rises to the fore. For dads, it’s a bit different. It takes longer. They sometimes make mistakes; they try things, they fail, they try again; they’re ambitious for their kids and have to face everyday challenges and surprises! But by the time the baby reaches 6 months, Dad starts to feel really comfortable in his ‘new shoes.’

Through the mother’s loving eyes, celebrate the new father-baby (6-12 months old) relationship as they enjoy simple, everyday, great moments together up close, on film.

Format: Video only (no animation) of 45 sec.