Better Beverage Moments Contest Ended

Invent the perfect beverage solution as a daily companion for Chinese people.

Contest ended on January 27, 2016
Graphic Design - Creative Writing - Label & Package Design

In China, people have a particular habit: they like to carry their favorite beverages around with them. Be it a hot honeysuckle herbal tea to soothe the throat on a hazy day while commuting, a barley water drink to cool down in a hot day at the office or just some plain water with lemon for children to stay hydrated in school, Chinese people love to have their favorite beverages around. At present, people use flasks or thermos bottles to fill up and bring with them wherever they go. But these could be heavy for kids to carry. And as an adult, preparing your own beverage is time consuming. Not to mention the seasons and different types of beverage, hot or cold, that requires a different container.

Danone Waters would like to understand how it could make the moment when a person needs to drink more relevant, more enjoyable and more effective. We need your insights and ideas to make the most of this habit.

Invent a better way for Chinese people to enjoy their favorite beverage, whenever and wherever they want.