Danone Aptamil Contest Ended

Tell a story that connects moms and Aptamil toddler in an emotionally engaging way.

Contest ended on January 17, 2016
Illustration - Creative Writing

Mothers around the world are proud of every development and continual progression of their children; it is their natural instinct to want the best for them. Giving them the right nutrition they need is a top priority for moms no matter where they are from. The majority of toddler milk brands talk about the same things: vitamins, probiotics, and prebiotics. Which milk supplement has the highest amount of “Ingredient X”? It’s very scientific and dry; the total opposite of motherhood.

Aptamil believes that motherhood is meant to be experienced. It is about mom and her child on an exciting journey of discovery, learning, and enjoying. We want you to show how Aptamil toddler understands mothers and the journey of motherhood, helping toddlers progress and reach their milestones today for a great start in life.

Create an emotionally engaging poster that shows a mom’s pride and joy when she knows that she is helping her child achieve a milestone for tomorrow.

Format: 1st page is print ad and 2nd page is text explanation (2 pages PDF)