Carrefour - Shopping Experience Contest Ended

Bring to life the great shopping experience that people love, offered by Carrefour!

Contest ended on January 10, 2016
Illustration - Creative Writing

There are brand that are loved, and some that are respected. Carrefour is one of the few “Lovemarks” - it’s both loved and respected. In Romania and elsewhere in the world, when a shopper enters a Carrefour, he/she feels a real excitement. Carrefour is part of people’s lives, people feel close to it.

The current slogan for Carrefour in Romania: “Carrefour, For a better life!” does not reflect the key points of difference: pleasure during shopping, modernity and innovation.

Indeed, Carrefour is different from the others because it has a purpose: it offers a shopping experience that people love. Enter a Carrefour in Bucharest or elsewhere in Romania and you will feel it.

Can you help Carrefour communicate what it really stands for: a great shopping experience, beyond the obvious must-haves of good prices and good locations?

Design an impactful poster and a slogan that shows that Carrefour is a unique place for fun and fulfilling shopping experiences and a retailer that people are really attached to.

Format: Two pages: one page with your poster and slogan, one page with explanations and implementation ideas.