JOHNSON’S® bedtime® Contest Ended

Give babies (and moms) a restful night by packaging the perfect nighttime solution!

Contest ended on September 13, 2015
Label & Package Design

Put yourself in the shoes of a mom who has recently given birth. She is probably a first time or second-time mum with a young baby between 6 to 18 months old. The baby does not sleep well at night. As a result, she is tired, frustrated and desperate for a solution to get her baby to fall asleep faster and for longer through the night.

JOHNSON’S offers a clinically proven 3 steps bedtime routine with dedicated products that help babies fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Because when baby sleeps better, everyone sleeps better. There are so many baby products on the shelves. How can we let moms know that these are the right products to help her baby sleep better?

Design an arresting packaging add-on (secondary packaging) and a gift box idea that will get moms, or their concerned friends to notice and understand that Johnson’s bedtime routine when complemented with these products are the solution to a restful sleep.

Format: PDF with 1 secondary packaging design and 1 gift box design, with explanations (3 pages max).