Japanese KITKAT Contest Ended

Share the spirit of Japanese creativity with unique local Kit-Kat flavors!

Contest ended on November 01, 2015
Video - Animation

Japan is known for its creative culture and its amazing ability to take anything foreign, and adapt it to Japanese culture. The end-result is surprising and often even better than the original! Take Kit-Kat for example, the wafer biscuit bar you love coated in delicious chocolate. The Japanese have invented unique versions of it: Green Tea Kit-Kat, Wasabi Kit-Kat or Azuki-bean Kit-Kat. Sounds delicious? Too bad they are only available in Japan

Make travelers to Japan crave to buy local Japanese Kit-Kat flavors so that they can share with their friends back home these unique icons of Japanese culture and creativity.

Format: Video or animation (max 60secs).