J&J - Beautiful Woman Feeling good Contest Ended

Show us a new way to accompany women on their journey of womanhood.

Contest ended on July 26, 2015
Illustration - Creative Writing

Feeling good helps a woman look beautiful and looking beautiful, in turn, helps a woman feel good about herself.

Johnson & Johnson have many brands and products that do a lot for women’s beauty – from skin care through cosmetics to hair care. They also understand women’s needs and desire to feel good from within.

Their current feminine Intimate Care product lines center around a woman’s monthly needs – pre, during, and post menstrual. With such a diverse and intimate breadth of knowledge about women’s desire to both feel good and look beautiful, Johnson & Johnson now wants to invent a new product that will help them achieve these goals, regardless of whether they are “on” or “off” their period.

Shape the future of feminine care by creating an entirely new product solution that taps into a woman’s desire to feel good and look beautiful, inside and out.

Format: Product and packaging design (visuals) and text, maximum 5 pages (PDF).