Start Healthy Stay Healthy Contest Ended

Convince parents they can make a lifelong impact on their children’s health by adopting simple nutritional tips.

Contest ended on July 14, 2015
Video - Animation

In the last few years, we have learned that a healthy nutritional start, from conception to 2 years old, helps people stay healthy. Nestlé knows it’s very hard to break bad habits, so it’s committed to helping parents raise their children with simple and actionable nutritional education on good nutritional habits from the start. Simply put, what moms eat during pregnancy, and what and how they feed their babies during these first 1,000 days of their life, is one of the most priceless gifts they alone can give their children. Nestlé sums up its vision as “Start healthy, stay healthy”.

Show parents they can make a big difference in their children’s life by adopting simple nutritional behavior through a creative, emotional & entertaining video that encourages them to learn more.

FORMAT: Videos and animations of 45-120 sec max.