Comfort - Water Saving Contest Ended

Wow us with your print ad that brings to life the water saving benefits of Comfort One Rinse!

Contest ended on June 24, 2015
Illustration - Creative Writing

Over 700 million people worldwide lack a steady supply of clean water. In these countries, this lack of water leads to women spending countless hours collecting water. What for? Cooking of course, but also for laundry, an activity that uses 30% of the total amount of domestic water. Of this 30%, 75% is used only for rinsing. Often, several buckets of water are used just to rinse detergent from fabrics. This water is wasted.

Unilever believes they can help reduce the amount of water that is used, by designing products that require less rinsing. Laundry habits can be changed easily to make families save water.

Comfort is a fabric conditioner. Its technology called “One Rinse” reduces the water needed for rinsing from 3 to 4 buckets to only 1. A family can save up to 30 liters of water on every hand-washed load.

We need to convince different types of populations (water scarce and non water scarce countries) that Comfort One Rinse saves water in a very more creative way

Find an impactful yet emotionally engaging way to introduce Comfort One Rinse and its water saving benefits in a global campaign idea that you will illustrate in a print ad.

FORMAT: Print ad & text: Images, illustrations and text (5 pages max. PDF only)