Gerber Organic baby food Contest Ended

Win mums’ hearts and minds with a poster for Gerber's organic baby food !

Start May 14, 2015 End June 03, 2015 23:59 UTC Deliberation Results August 2015
May 14, 2015
June 03, 2015 23:59 UTC
July 2015


Welcoming a baby into your life is a miracle … and the start of a challenging adventure. Moms want the best for their babies and want to know they’re doing a good job. But they’re faced with a multitude of nutrition decisions every day, bombarded with conflicting and often confusing information. They have to make decisions with their minds and with their heart on a daily basis. Not all baby food is created equal.

At Gerber, they’ve always believed that little ones deserve high standards, and they understand that Moms only want to feed their babies the very best. That’s why they make sure that their organic baby food not only meets US Department of Agriculture standards, but goes a few steps further.

They’re obsessed with quality, so every package of Gerber Organic baby food must live up to over 100 different quality checks – from the time ingredients are grown by trusted farmers to the time a pouch arrives at a baby’s high chair.

They’re also committed to helping moms feed little ones with food that is both safe and full of wholesome goodness. They don’t use genetically-modified ingredients, concentrates, or added citric acid in their fruit and vegetable baby food.

Can you bring Gerber’s proposition to life through a powerful ad that connects emotionally with moms?

With Gerber, Moms can rest easy knowing it’s not just organic, it’s Gerber Organic.

Creative Challenge

Create a print ad that wins the hearts and minds of mums to convince them to buy Gerber Organic baby food.

Use one or more of the facts about Gerber’s commitment to being a superior organic baby food as a source of inspiration for your ad. Communicate that Gerber Organic is much more than just organic and show what it means for moms.

When seeing your ad, moms should have both a gut reaction and the rational validation that Gerber is the best option for their child. Choose what you want to say about Gerber and all the care they put in their food, and weave that into an emotional concept that will strike a chord with moms.

Your print ad will serve as inspiration for a communication agency to develop an ad campaign in the USA.

We’re asking you to find a creative concept that could become a campaign. Yes, you shall create a print ad but the concept in your print ad should be able to be implemented online in content such as videos, social network pages etc.

Along with your print ad, we’d also like to know the details of the story behind it. Please describe in a page of text what your idea/story is about and why you think it will resonate with mums.


The examples are only provided to illustrate our expectations. Please do not use them in your submission or it will be rejected.

Good idea | Because they have peace of mind thanks to Gerber, moms can focus on other things with their babies, such as playing with them. You could show a mom enjoying a tummy time with her baby, 100% dedicated to this moment because she knows she does not have to worry about what he eats.

Bad idea | just showing a smiling baby. It’s not enough and does not show the reasons why organic is best for babies and moms.

Another bad idea would be a poster that just list all the benefits of Gerber food… it is an ad not a brochure. People will not have time to read all of that, and it is not appealing. It does not connect to the mom emotionally.


Jury's Prize

  • #1 Prize €3,000
  • #2 Prize €1,500
  • #3 Prize €1,000
  • #4 Prize €500
  • #5 Prize €500


Print ads: visual and text (1 page PDF for poster + 2nd page for description)

Winning Criteria

The jury will look for the creative concept, the message, the story of the ad more than the execution. A great creative concept is needed. The winning print ad will inspire a campaign in the US.


Guidelines for this contest

  • Include the Gerber logo and its tagline “Start Healthy, Stay Healthy.” in your ad.
  • Include the image of the Gerber Organic pouch provided in the toolkit.
  • Entries in English only.

eYeka standard guidelines

  • Do not show any personal details in the entry (name, contact number, e-mail address, etc.).
  • Keep the source files / working files of your entry until the winners have been announced as they may be needed.
  • Your participation must comply with the rules you accepted when you joined the contest.
  • Your entry has to be your own work to be considered into the contest. If you have included protected elements (music, photographs, designs, fonts, etc.), make sure to fill in the Legal Information section when you upload. You may be asked to provide the authorizations and licenses to use such elements.
  • You must be able to provide the written authorizations from each of the authors and actors who have contributed to the entry.
  • Do not depict sexual, violent, religious, political content or any illicit content as per the rules.
  • Any entry that fails to comply with these rules will not be considered for the contest.