New Deo Delivery Contest Ended

Show us a new way to deliver a deodorising effect!

Contest ended on June 16, 2015
Illustration - Creative Writing - Label & Package Design

The way deodorant is delivered has not changed much for ages. A can with a spray button or a stick, or a roll-on… nothing new under the sun!

But people’s deodorising needs are changing and evolving, even if their deodorising products are not. People are actively looking for products that do many things: manage sweat and odours, restore skin after shaving, remove dark spots, reduce sweat but also make them smell good, the list goes on. They want “all-in-one” solutions. Can format and mode of delivery radically change the way we use deodorants?

Change the way deodorants are delivered and/or used, by choosing one of the following trends: 1) Technology 2) Convergence 3) Local Solutions.

You should pick one of the three options to bring to life.