Deos - Biological Enhancement Contest Ended

Can you use human biology to invent a revolutionary way to deodorise?

Contest ended on June 01, 2015
Illustration - Creative Writing

The human body is a miraculous thing and it has capabilities that we are only just beginning to understand. More and more, scientists are discovering new ways of working with the human body that we never before thought possible, e.g. regenerating tissue or organs that are deteriorating back to their original state by growing them in the laboratory and then safely implanting them back into the body, or optimising naturally occurring internal bodily processes to have an effect on the outside.

But when it comes to managing sweat and odour and taking care of underarm skin, the only options we have are external solutions such as deodorants as we know them now. 

Invent a revolutionary solution that uses human biology to manage sweat and odour, and restore delicate underarm skin.

FORMAT: Product and packaging design (visual) and text. (4 pages PDF only)