Frisian Flag - Pitch the next video Contest Ended

Can you inspire moms to overcome everyday challenges at each stage of motherhood?

Contest ended on April 12, 2015

As a mom, your natural instinct is to provide only the very best for your child, to help them develop a smart mind and a strong body.

While most moms understand that their children have different nutritional needs at each stage of their life, they may not know exactly how to meet these differing needs. Frisian Flag Infant & Toddler Nutrition’s Nutriplan System has a range of infant formula adapted to each stage of a child’s growth, increasing the levels of the most important nutrients for their changing needs.

Frisian Flag Infant & Toddler Nutrition wants to develop a video about that moms will love to share with other moms.

Can you pitch us a story about overcoming these everyday challenges moms face at different stages of their children’s development, featuring Frisian Flag Infant & Toddler Nutrition’s Nutriplan System.

FORMAT: Pitch video.

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