Help cancer patients Contest Ended

Inspire cancer patients to express their pain to their doctors and loved ones and receive better treatment.

Contest ended on March 25, 2015

Be it a dull, nagging pain that constantly reminds you of its existence, or sharp acute pain that comes in waves when you least expect it… People with cancer experience different types of pain, from the disease, or from the treatments. While in the Western world it is common for the patients to communicate their suffering, in Japan it’s not the norm to talk about experiencing pain. Patients suffer in silence, as they’re afraid to tell their doctors, thinking there’s something wrong with them and their cancer treatments will be terminated. They also want to avoid upsetting their family, and feel like they need to “look strong” and not complain too much.

You are asked to create inspirational videos that would change the belief of those with cancer and get them to trust their doctor and be truthful about their condition and pain they’re experiencing. 

Format: Videos or Animations