Tip Top Café Contest Ended

Show us how Tip Top Café brings the “café mood” into your everyday!

Contest ended on April 26, 2015
Video - Animation

When you have a lot on your plate it is time for a little reward and “me time” to give you a boost and get some fresh perspective before carrying on. Tip Top, Australia’s leading bread brand has a wonderful range of products just for that: Tip Top Café fruit bread. A thick slice of it, toasted with some butter will immerse you into an indulging “treat myself” café style moment everyday, whether at home for breakfast or for morning snack breaks at the office. We need your creativity to let busy people know that they can turn everyday breakfasts and snacking moments into a more rewarding experience, with Tip Top’s Café range.

Show us in a down-to-earth and light-hearted video what could happen when Tip Top Café fruit breads bring the café mood into your everyday!

Video or animation – 30 seconds max