Mountain Dew Recharge Contest Ended

Invent a Mountain Dew drink that will encourage male teens & young adults to be bold and recharge them fully!

Contest ended on October 07, 2014
Graphic Design - Creative Writing - Label & Package Design

We have a new series of three contests for the brand Mountain Dew. The brand looks to innovate and create new soft drinks.

Contest #1: Innovation Orientation: RECHARGE

Mountain Dew is not just a brand; it’s a way of life. Mountain Dew charges you to “Do you…and have a damn good time” - to be motivated by your passions for those things you love doing. Dew drinkers lead by boldly doing things their own way, and on their on your own terms, while standing as individuals within their community of friends.

Invent a new kind of Mountain Dew drink that will help consumers recharge before they engage in an important activity.

Format: presentations with text and visuals, 5 pages max.