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Show us how we can revolutionize our showering experience with Zest Body Wash

Create an entertaining, educational and joyful video that shows how you can transform your showering experience with Zest body wash for a cleaner and better you!

Video or animation (30 sec. max.)

3 Winners 5 Community's Favorites 22 Contributors 22 Media Accepted 12 Countries 6 Languages

Zest P&g

We will like to thanks all the people that participated on Zest challenge, it was really difficult to choose final winners as many of them were in line with the brief. However, we ended up choosing those that bring the campaign idea to life in a way that Zest LA talk about it and that we may be able to use as is in the digital world.

Jury's Prize Winners

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nickmw #1 Prize
nickmw 50 Creative Score
  • Animation

#1 Prize of €12,000

This was a fun video to make and great to hear I've won! Things were a little quiet at work (I freelance) so thought I'd check out what was going on at Eyeka. The Zest brief gave me the chance to experiment with a new style and just have a bit of fun with it. Delighted with the win and thanks Zest for choosing me as a winner and Eyeka for the opportunity :)

This video is the #1 winner as it was the one that brought education of usage in the most direct and intuitive way. We believe it can help consumers understand the correct way to use it and thus have a great experience.

hervecarton #2 Prize
hervecarton 21,940 Creative Score
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration
  • Animation

#2 Prize of €6,000

This video is the #2 winner and is the one that has the biggest emotional connection with consumers from Brand's equity standpoint. It brings humor and music to life in a way that ZEST LA will do. It may help maximize communication.

shu_wu #3 Prize
shu_wu 33,780 Creative Score
  • Animation
  • Creative Writing
  • Script Writing

#3 Prize of €3,500

This video is entertaining and will generate an emotional connection with consumers as it is cute and you will like to finish seeing what happens. It focuses on product's main benefit of generation 3x more lather.


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