eBay Second Hand Contest Ended

Show us why second-hand items are the smartest buy!

Contest ended on May 18, 2014

Think of something you have wanted to buy for a long time: sports equipment, a branded handbag or a high end smartphone. You want it, but it’s too expensive …

Now imagine that, thanks to eBay, it could be yours for a lower price than its selling price.

What eBay offers is unique, (but has fallen into oblivion): by buying second-hand goods, smart buyers can enjoy high value items, without breaking the bank! They can express themselves perfectly because they can afford what they want! Not to mention the fun people have when exploring eBay…

Find an inventive and unique way to express the value of second-hand items -through a print-ad; and imagine how your idea can be developed in real life and on-line.

Format: Images, illustrations and text (3 pages max. PDF only)