Nestlé Good Lifers Contest Ended

What could Nestlé do to help people in their fifties have a good life?

Contest ended on May 13, 2014
Creative Writing

“Good lifers” are the generation of men and women in their fifties who are embarking on a new chapter of their life. Their children have moved out of home and they are serenely contemplating retirement. They have a lot of money to spend, are very mobile and active, have plenty of interests and energy and feel 10 years younger.

Yet something is spoiling the picture… Physical aging!

Around 50 years, you might know that a healthy diet and exercising is crucial, you do not know exactly what to do and how to integrate it in your daily life.

Nestlé is committed to provide people with the best food and drink products at all times. To help this generation of “Good-Lifers”, Nestlé believes that it needs to provide these men and women with a value-adding holistic solution that will enhance their quality of life. But what?

Show us how Nestlé can help “Good-lifers” make the most of their life through an innovative and groundbreaking idea for products, services or devices focused on health and nutrition.

Format: Presentations with illustrations and text, max. 5 pages (PDF only)