Mobile Data-sharing Plan Contest Ended

Bring to life the wow factors of your perfect mobile data-sharing plan

Contest ended on April 30, 2014
Graphic Design - Creative Writing

A telecommunications operator wants to launch an innovative, compelling and cost-effective mobile data-sharing plan. Subscribers will be able to share data among their own mobile devices (so that only one subscription applies to all their devices), and even with those of their family or friends. With this plan, data can travel better among multiple devices from different users , bringing big or small changes to our lives.

Through an innovative, appealing and insightful print ad, show us how such mobile data-sharing plan can wow people and have a compelling impact on their lives and make them want to subscribe. Please describe in writing the ideal product features you have in mind on a separate page.

Format: Photo, illustration or print in 2 pages (one page for the print ad, one page for the product feature)