Doritos video Contest Ended

Show us what being BOLD means in a video!

Start January 31, 2014 End March 13, 2014 23:59 UTC Deliberation Results April 2014
January 31, 2014
March 13, 2014 23:59 UTC
May 2014


Doing bold things is what allows young people to live life to the full and to define their identity. Doritos wants to be the spark to happy and social moments for people who dare to be bold. Today, Doritos is inviting you to express yourself on any topic they could sponsor… anything that you find BOLD.

Creative Challenge

Wow us with a surprising video with a viral potential featuring people doing something BOLD that Doritos could sponsor.

Your video does not need to feature Doritos or even mention the brand. It does however have to be related to youth (Doritos fans are aged between 16 and 24) and refer to something that is BOLD. It can be music, sports, street art, video gaming and technology… anything that Doritos could potentially sponsor. Your video should be appealing, dynamic and fully exclusive and have a potential to go viral.

Think about something bold that not everyone knows about and tell us about it. By BOLD we mean unknown, unexpected, original or something that involves taking risks.

The best videos will be posted on Doritos’s YouTube channel in Mexico which has a wide audience of nearly 4 million viewers.



The examples are only provided to illustrate our expectations. Please do not use them in your submission or it will be rejected.

To create your entry start by looking at the videos that went viral in 2013. You can look at this ranking and try to figure out the recipe for success. Of course we are not asking you to reach that level of quality but it can be useful for inspiration.

Usually, videos that go viral are rather short, catchy with one key message that viewers can relate to. It can be either hilarious or totally offbeat… but it has to be BOLD.

We recommend you to create a story where something unexpected happens. Having a surprise, a twist or a prank is a way to get attention from viewers. Consider this when crafting your idea

Place yourself in the shoes of someone watching your video. Would they be hooked in the first few seconds? Will they immediately want to share it with others? Will they remember it a few days later?

A good entry could show a group of young people doing wake board. Suddenly, something awkward and out of the ordinary happens. A guy notices a shark in the lake. Everyone freaks out and the situation becomes complicated. It is eventually solved… maybe by letting everyone know it was a joke or a made-up stunt!


Jury's Prize

  • #1 Prize €10,000
  • #2 Prize €6,000
  • #3 Prize €4,000



Winning Criteria

We expect very entertaining, creative and modern videos with strong viral potential. Winners will be creators who best capture the essence of Doritos’ “For the Bold”.


Guidelines for this contest

  • People we aim to target are aged between 16 to 24.
  • Moments you show should be happy and social moments.
  • Please add an end-frame saying “For the Bold” and a logo that you can download here.
  • There is no time constraint for your entry but please tell an inspiring and appealing story.
  • Any speech should be in English or Spanish.

eYeka standard guidelines

  • Do not show any personal details in the entry (name, contact number, e-mail address, etc.).
  • Keep the source files / working files of your entry until the winners have been announced as they may be needed.
  • Your participation must comply with the rules you accepted when you joined the contest.
  • Your entry has to be your own work to be considered into the contest. If you have included protected elements (music, photographs, designs, fonts, etc.), make sure to fill in the Legal Information section when you upload. You may be asked to provide the authorizations and licenses to use such elements.
  • You must be able to provide the written authorizations from each of the authors and actors who have contributed to the entry.
  • Do not depict sexual, violent, religious, political content or any illicit content as per the rules.
  • Any entry that fails to comply with these rules will not be considered for the contest.