Dirt is Good's superiority* Contest Ended

Wow us with a convincing and inventive demo video that shows Dirt is Good's superiority*.

Contest ended on March 06, 2014
Video - Animation

Have you noticed that the way detergent companies advertize their products is a bit conventional and similar across brands?

TV commercials always have the same structure: problem, solution and victory. They always use a lot of scientific arguments and technological statements… But don’t you think that there is a better and simpler way to show people the qualities of a product?

Give fabric cleaning detergent demo videos a new lease on life. Find a new authentic or real-life creative situation to bring to life Dirt is Good’s superiority* through a convincing and surprising video or animation. Your video will convince people that Dirt is Good is the best detergent to remove toughest stains.

Format: Videos or animations, no longer than 45 secs.

*The mentions on DiG's superiority are hypothetical for the purpose of the creative contest only