Toyota Contest Ended

Show us what amazing offer TOYOTA could give to car buyers, besides a car!

Contest ended on October 21, 2013
Graphic Design - Illustration - Creative Writing

What makes you want to buy a car? Obviously, it is the convenience, the freedom, the prestige and the great feeling that comes with owning a car. But besides the greatness of the car itself, what will motivate you to make the decision? Price discounts and low rate finance schemes seem out-of-date and are losing their appeal. So what could make buying a car more appealing and what could make the deal more attractive?

Create an innovative and engrossing poster showing what amazing value-added offer TOYOTA can give you, besides a car, to make buying a car a cooler and a more appealing decision. Go beyond the gimmicks like price discount or cheap fuel and create a revolutionary and irresistible offer that no other car brand has ever given to its customers.

Format: Photo, illustration or print with explanations