Samsung S-Pen Contest Ended

Show us the pure magic of Samsung’s S-Pen in a personal and creative story!

Contest ended on October 09, 2013
Video - Animation

Samsung has revolutionized the smart stylus for its “Note” products and invented the S-Pen. An input tool that provides a similar feel to an actual pen, it is simple and easy to use. Activities such as digital painting and handwriting e-mails will become a million times easier once you use the S-pen: it encourages your creativity in a very magical way!

Sadly the magic of the S-Pen remains unknown for many potential users. We would like your help to show them the magic of the tool and to convince people that, once fully mastered, the S-Pen creates amazing new experiences!

Create a powerful, engaging story that shows how the magical S-Pen opens up a new world of possibilities and personal expression when used with your Samsung device.

Format: Videos or animations no longer than 30 seconds.