Post-It® Contest Ended

Make a difference in students’ everyday lives with Post-it®

Contest ended on October 30, 2013
Video - Animation

Please read the entire brief, not just the teaser, in order to understand the challenge and increase your chances of winning!

In today’s digital age, our communication is almost entirely reliant on digital devices and services. Do you believe that human touch is still important in an increasingly impersonal world? We have very nearly forgotten the human touch that handwriting on paper used to bring us, emotionally and creatively. Fortunately, with Post-it® Super Sticky Notes, we can connect with each other on a human level anytime and anywhere. They can capture our ideas seamlessly, enabling us to focus and organize our thoughts and of course re-use the notes again and again. Flags and Page Markers help us create more creative and personal remarks and references quickly, making it a breeze to find and share thoughts and ideas.

These products inspire creativity and add a human touch in day-to-day communication; they could be especially helpful to students if they were inspired to use them regularly.

Create an original and engaging video to show students how Post-it® Super Sticky Notes and/or Flags and Page Markers can make a difference in their everyday lives by adding a human touch to creativity and communication.

Format: Video or animation of 30 to 60 seconds.