Invent a world-first nature-based attraction Contest Ended

Can you invent a completely new nature attraction that amazes, enchants and educates its visitors?

Contest ended on September 25, 2013
Graphic Design - Illustration - Creative Writing

What intrigues you most about nature?  From exotic locales to your own backyard, nature is full of startling and awe-inspiring experiences; some thrilling, some peaceful, and many of them too unnoticed by modern-day society.  Singapore – one of the world’s most modern cities – is situated amongst tropical rainforests, and houses a rich diversity of plants and animals that are at home in the tropics. As you would expect, Singapore already offers some of the world’s leading nature-themed attractions: the Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, Bird Park and River Safari. We need your help to bring to life some of the wonders of nature in a totally new, additional attraction for Singapore; one that can, and should inspire visitors from all over the World.

Your challenge is to invent a world-first nature attraction for Singapore where visitors can experience the wonder and excitement of nature in a completely new, amazing, entertaining and educational way.

Format: Illustrations/photographs with explanations, presentations.