VISA Paywave Contest Ended

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Resume of the contest

Change the way we pay, everyday, with VISA payWave!

Invent a creative, attention grabbing way to create a habit for people to use VISA payWave whenever they go to a shop or supermarket.

Presentations with pictures or illustrations and text.

3 Winners 38 Contributors 49 Media Accepted 15 Countries 7 Languages

Jury's Prize Winners

Selection by Visa

kerubin #1 Prize
kerubin 273,870 Creative Score
  • Graphic Design
  • Creative Writing

#1 Prize of €3,000 for Visa payWave Grand Prix

LNami #2 Prize
LNami 2,020 Creative Score
  • Graphic Design
  • Video
  • Illustration
  • Creative Writing
  • Label & Package Design

#2 Prize of €1,500 for VisaPayWave

chintami #3 Prize
chintami 774,250 Creative Score
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration
  • Creative Writing
  • Label & Package Design
  • Script Writing

#3 Prize of €500 for Real and Virtual Investations

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