Gillette Football Contest Ended

Can effortless, gentle precision give you an edge in football?

Start June 28, 2013 End August 11, 2013 23:59 UTC Deliberation Results October 2013
June 28, 2013
August 11, 2013 23:59 UTC
September 2013

New Editorial News

29 Jul 09:45

Good news!!! The Gillette contest is extended till August 11th, so this means more time for you to work on your creation.

Moreover, we have received limited interest in that contest so far, so here is a new chance for you to grab a prize and win up to 15,000€.



The two manliest words in the dictionary: shaving and football. Football needs precise coordination and skills, like precision engineering. Often a gentle, effortless touch is more effective than brute force.

Gillette celebrates both of them. Gillette Proglide offers the most gentle and effortless shave, thanks to its superior technology and thinner blade, leaving your skin irritation-free. It’s a bit like a beautifully executed goal that appears so smooth and so easy.

Creative Challenge

In an exciting, original and surprising video show us how being smooth and effortlessly precise - like shaving with a Gillette Proglide razor - can give an edge in football.

Your video or animation can focus on the players, the fans, or indeed anyone who is passionate about football. It should appeal to men around the world (especially Asian men) and incite them to view it multiple times and share with their friends. It should create an exciting connection between football and the gentle yet effective shave offered by the Gillette Proglide. 

In your entry, you cannot mention the words ‘FIFA’ or ‘World Cup’ as these are restricted to official sponsors. 


We are giving you an example to help you understand what we expect. Please do not copy this in your media as it will be rejected.

You could start by thinking about a gentle shave, when you do not need to go back and forth several times on your chin or cheeks, pulling the hair out. Instead, imagine a very smooth, gentle shave that cuts the hair first time. No cuts or irritation, only clean and fresh skin. How could this idea be connected to football? Many people think of football as requiring brute force but it is in fact skill and precision, often appearing so effortless and easy, that score the most impressive goals. The same goes for fans: you can shout until your throat hurts, or you can execute a well-coordinated, effortless trick using flags or a wave just impresses the opponents. It is so powerful yet appears so easy.

Example of an entry: a group of office colleagues are gathering around a laptop to watch a football game. The game reaches a climax when a striker skillfully passes through two opposing players. He is adjusting his stance, preparing for a difficult kick in front of a wall of defenders when suddenly the screen is switched off. The boss is here and everyone scatters back to their desks, pretending to be busy. But in their minds, the question still lingers… did he score? As soon as the boss leaves, they decide to recreate the scene in their office, using upturned bins as goals, pushing away desks and chairs, with a ball made of crumpled paper. One employee confidently positions himself at the back of the office with all the others furiously guarding the goal. He kicks and the ball bounces off furniture, people and a passing receptionist to land squarely in the improvised goal. Skillful, smooth and gentle is the way to do it! They hear a loud cheer coming from a stadium. The football match is back on but the whole stadium is not cheering for the action on the pitch, they magically seem to be cheering for the action in the office!


Jury's Prize

  • #1 Prize €8,000
  • #2 Prize €5,000
  • #3 Prize €2,000


Video/animation of 30 seconds

Winning Criteria

We are looking for original, exciting and engaging entries that will go viral. Your creation will help build a stronger emotional connection between the gentle shave a Gillette Proglide can give and football fans.

The winning entries will be featured on Gillette’s social media channels, mostly across Asia to engage and entertain its male audience.


Guidelines for this contest

  • Your entry can be in English or another language with English subtitles.
  • You cannot mention ‘FIFA’ or ‘World Cup’ in your entry.
  • Please end your creation with the Proglide pack shot and logo provided here.
  • Your entry must fit with Gillette brand’s personality as helpful, self-assured, intelligent and cool.
  • The humor in your entry should be clever and never be sophomoric, sarcastic or at the expense of others.

eYeka standard guidelines

  • Do not show any personal details in the entry (name, contact number, e-mail address, etc.).
  • Keep the source files / working files of your entry until the winners have been announced as they may be needed.
  • Your participation must comply with the rules you accepted when you joined the contest.
  • Your entry has to be your own work to be considered into the contest. If you have included protected elements (music, photographs, designs, fonts, etc.), make sure to fill in the Legal Information section when you upload. You may be asked to provide the authorizations and licenses to use such elements.
  • You must be able to provide the written authorizations from each of the authors and actors who have contributed to the entry.
  • Do not depict sexual, violent, religious, political content or any illicit content as per the rules.
  • Any entry that fails to comply with these rules will not be considered for the contest.